Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Marvy Marker Technique

I made this card using the marvy marker direct to rubber technique...I colored the stamp with waterbased marvy markers, huffed onto the stamp (this uses your hot breath to reactivate the ink before stamping) then stamped the image onto the card layer...Dee Gruenig has a wonderful set of marvy markers in her signature line colors...I have this set, as well as lots of other marvy markers purchased in sets and individually from stamp shops over the years...once you have stamped your image the first time, you can re-huff the stamp and stamp again, or you can spritz water from a fine mist spritzer bottle, pull the stamp thru the mist in the air, then stamp the image again...this time you will get a water color effect, usually you can get two huffed, stamped images and two mist stamped images from one inking, depending on the detail of the image you are using...This technique can be done using any "waterbased" markers, but do be sure they are waterbased, as other markers will not work well for this technique...do not use Sharpie, or other permanent or alcohol/chemical ink based markers, as they will not work at all, and will permanently stain your rubber stamps... The card on the left is the first generation stamping and the one on the right is a second generation stamping after it was misted...you can see more of my artwork on my picture trail site at http://www.picturetrail.com/debbiesdiecuts

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