Saturday, August 18, 2007

Faux Layering Effects

This frame has the effect of 3 different papers being layered onto it...but its actually one flat surface, that I masked, stamped, stippled with color...I put a band of ribbon between the "layers" for added dimensional effect...
Except for the tag layered onto the front...The background of the card is one flat piece, with a faux effect of one piece layered over another...
This frame looks to layered also...I masked the frame in half, then after I stamped the images, I used the same color to stipple with...I used the ribbon for dimensional effect over the background "faux layers"
I did a piece similar to this years ago as gift...I stamped onto pieces of tissue paper and then decoupaged them onto a frame...Here I just stamped the images onto the frame, using a little bit of masking here and there, so that the overlapping was not too noticiable...I sponged the inner and outter edges of the frame with black ink...I used a blender pen to add coloring to the faces...All the stamped used on the frames and card are from Innovative Stamp Creations and can be seen at All the die cut frames are available at

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